Perforated Metal Sheet
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Perforated Metal Sheet

Product Specification:
  • Material: Aluminum/Stainless Steel/Iron
  • Customized shape: Flat/Curved/Bend/Trangle
  • Thickness: 0.5mm-10 mm
  • Width: ≤1400mm (4.59ft)
  • Length: ≤6000mm (19.63ft)
  • Perforated Size: >1.0mm
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Perforated Metal Sheet becomes the most economical & popular building facade wall products worldwide nowadays, as it can be produced in ranges of pattern sizes, hole shapes, thickness, and material types(normally stainless steel and aluminum alloy Sheet). Thus, perforated sheet has used in exterior building facade and interior decorative metal like gate, partition, room divider, stairs railing applications. 


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