Clip In Ceiling
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Clip In Ceiling

  • Ceiling Type: Clip in ceiling
  • Function: Waterproof & Fireproof & Soundproof
  • Surface: PVDF/PE Coated/Brushed/Film Coated
  • Metal Ceiling Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Size: 300/600/1200 mm
  • Thickness: 0.4 - 1.2 mm
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clip in ceiling


Shape Size Height Thickness
clip in ceiling tiles 300X300 MM


20 MM

27 MM






300X600 MM
600X600 MM
600X1200 MM



metal clip in ceiling tiles


NAVIEW clip in metal ceilings are available in customised perforated patterns, styles and sizes, with full  configurations, for your multiple ceiling heights. Installation Instruction for your projects would be provided if you need it. Aluminum ceiling panels could be 100% recycled in the end locally, no harm to environment at all.


Performance Properties:

Provide economic standard sound absorption

Lightweight, easy to install and maintenance

High fire-proof standard performance

Smooth white PE coating surface


Recommended Applications:

Conference room








clip in metal ceiling






metal clip in ceiling tiles





clip in ceiling tiles 2  

 Cover each ceiling panel with plastic bag and corrugated board for  both-side angles, to protect them during the transportation. 

Technical Support: Magic Lamp