Baffle Ceiling System
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baffle ceiling

Baffle Ceiling System

  • Ceiling Type: Baffle Ceiling System
  • Function: Waterproof & Fireproof
  • Surface: PVDF/PE Coated/Wooden Film Printed
  • Ceiling Material: Metal Aluminum Ceiling
  • Thickness: 0.8-3.0 mm
  • Length: less than 6m (19.7ft)
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linear ceiling panels 1



linear ceiling panels 2



Ceiling Shape Width Height Thickness 
        linear ceiling panels 3



50mm/60mm/ 70mm/

80mm/ 90mm/100mm


    Base Material: aluminum alloy

    Surface treatment: PE/PVDF coating (5-10-year warranty)



Our NAVIEW factory is able to offer high quality and competitive Blades Ceiling for your decoration plan. These aluminium products are not only applied to ceiling, but also for wall covering, no matter whether it is used for interior (PE coating) or exterior (PVDF coating) installation. Because it is extrusion ceiling, stronger than normal one, the price would be higher than others. Still, it is our competitive star product worthy for your long term application.



linear ceiling system 1

Subway (Metro) ceiling, not complicated appearance products, could be installed in various pattern, to create numerous ceiling designs.




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