Linear Metal Ceiling
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Linear Metal Ceiling

  • Ceiling Type: Linear Metal Ceiling
  • Function: Waterproof & Fireproof & Moisture-Proof
  • Surface: PVDF/PE Coated/Brushed/Film Coated
  • Metal Ceiling Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Size: Rectangle Line
  • Thickness: 0.8 - 3.0
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We have over 10-year projects experience:

Gansu Province Liujiaxia hydropower station; Handan city people's government building; Jiangxi Olympic sports center, etc. Integrated ceiling production process leads us to advanced metal construction products manufacturer.




linear metal ceiling panels 1


Ceiling Shape Width Height Thickness
linear metal ceiling panels 2



50mm/60mm/ 70mm/

80mm/ 90mm/100mm


    Base Material:aluminum alloy

    Surface treatment: PE/PVDF coating


Linear metal ceiling, produces as aluminium folded line shapes, achieves a range of ceiling applications depending on ceiling design features and interior needs, such as airport, shopping mall, museum, ect. Projects need to be considered combination of acoustic performance, impact resistance and pure, aspirational design.

If you have other drawing diagram files, please contact us to discuss your project details. 

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