China Perforated Aluminum Sheet Facade
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China Perforated Aluminum Sheet Facade

  • Usage: Perforated Aluminum Sheet Facade
  • Material: Aluminum/Stainless Steel/Iron
  • Thickness: 1 mm-10 mm
  • Width: ≤1400 mm (4.59ft)
  • Length: ≤6000 mm (19.63ft)
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Perforated Metal Sheet Facade, our Naview factory has been working in this industry for 16 years. There are professional engineers & QC department, CNC/laser high technology punching machines, with customised hole/size. 





                                              PERFORATED PATTERN


perforated patterns



Decorative Perforated Sheet Metal Panels Specification


Thickness (mm)

Perforation Size (mm)

Margin (mm)

Galvanized Steel




Aluminum Alloy




Stainless Steel





   Perforated error limit<0.1mm


perforated sheet


Strength of Perforated Metal Sheet:

Customized Various gauges and materials: Aluminum/Steel/Stainless Steel;

Economical but also durable and modern;

Easy to present ideal design and install;

Natural Ventilation for light and air;



perforated plate



Perforated metal is one of the most popular metal products in construction facade fields nowadays. Round, slotted, square or other decorative perforations, could be punched by our CNC/laser high technology punching machines. Accurate perforated sizes and sheet metal shapes are the most important factors to ensure to install successfully.


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perforated metal sheet suppliers



Also, the removed metal pieces would be recycled to a metal recycle manage factory, to decrease the cost and be eco-friendly environment.

There are so many interesting designs with openings of perforated sheet, it has been installed on lots of construction applications, stable and durable, such as facade wall cladding, partitions, ceiling, stairs railings, air conditioner covers, etc.



perforated aluminum sheet



The perforated aluminum sheet pattern can be customized to meet your project requirements, including variable sizes, densities, and hole shapes, to create a translucent appearance in the sunshine.


About the perforated sheet surface, our factory provide PVDF/PE coating, in either pure color or wooden pattern(132 wooden patterns). FYI, powder coated perforated metal sheet is the most popular production in our factory.


Contact our consult for the decorative perforated aluminum sheet suggestions and the pattern catalog anytime.


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