Aluminum Baffle Ceiling Project In China


Published by July 28,2022

Aluminum baffle ceiling

Aluminium baffle ceiling is installed with suspension system, with keels and hangings, and other clips accessories. Linear baffle ceiling is fully changeable to lead your project to present a unique, modern style. Baffle ceiling is available applied for horizontal or vertical suspension requirements. With its various colors or wooden texture coated choices.

The project designer and architect wants to create a wooden color, warm ceiling for Qicha Primary School. Then, linear ceiling became their first choice and it is a good decision.



Width: 50mm;

Depth: 100mm;

C/C gap: at 50mm C/C.




Aesthetics with wooden nature style

Durable stability for outside influences

Extremely high recycled metal ceiling content




aluminum baffle ceiling



aluminium baffle ceiling


linear baffle ceiling

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