Baffle Ceiling Project in Singapore Uniqlo


Published by July 28,2022

Baffles False Ceiling is modern and easy installation for acoustics and noise control requirements public places. In this ceiling solution case, designer adopted light and straight baffle ceiling design in Uniqlo, as we all know, Uniqlo is specialised in young people clothing market, the interior design is white and bright, to be simple background for diversified clothes. Besides, baffle ceiling is practical for lighting and smoking sprinklers uses.



 Uniqlo, Singapore


 Baffle false ceiling


 Commercial, educational area, etc.


 Easy installation,

 Lightweight ceiling panel,

 Almost 100% recyclable,

 Weather-resistant, water-proof, mould-proof, durable

 Very low maintenance fee




Ceiling length: ≤ 6000 mm

Ceiling height: 30 - 300 mm

Ceiling width: 30 - 150 mm

Ceiling thickness: 0.6 - 2 mm

Metal: aluminum mostly, stainless steel is more expensive

Finishes: PE/PVDF


NAVIEW BAFFLE CEILING builds a series of ceiling types: straight & curved, all RAL colour, wooden pattern (interior), and with different widths of 30 - 150 mm, heights of 30 to 300 mm, length is 6000 mm mostly.

Technical Support: Magic Lamp