Perforated Wall Panels Design Project In Thailand


Published by July 28,2022

Perforated wall panels  a huge design improvement for OSD, different bespoke perforated wall design on 4 sides, combined both decoration and incidence, so from buildings around.

Totally, about 1600 perforated wall cladding, ranging in of 31%, RAL-7031 COLOR.

Perforated wall cladding is coated with  (PVDF), which against weather resistance, such as , sour rain corrosion and maintain performance.



Address: OSD office, Bangkhen, Bangkok, THAILAND

COLOR NO.: RAL-7031 

Ranging in open area of 31%



perforated wall





perforated panel


perforated wall cladding


perforated wall design


Building outlines and minor components as well as the use of colors that accompany with the overall charisma. The airy outer perforated wall layer is specially designed not only to create visual but also to protect the building from excess rain and sunlight while still open for view and user comfort. In addition, the harmonious interventions of green elements both inside and outside the building, including the rooftop, visual benefit and natural atmosphere, which also help camouflage the building scale and blend the architecture with the context.


perforated wall cladding package

To protect each wall panel, it is coated with film, which is teared off after installation. Bubble wrap coated and wood support gives strong enough protection for delivery transport.

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