Wall And Ceiling Project in China


Published by July 28,2022

Wall and ceiling project, Wanmei building shows neat and distinctive exterior view to public. Irresistible aluminum wall ceiling would become top choices around us.



  Exterior & interior wall and ceiling


  Commercial comprehensive building


  Easy installation,

  Lightweight panel,

  Up to 100% recyclable,


  Low maintenance cost


  Bespoke metal design sheet and ceiling


  Zhongshan City, Guandong Province, China


WANMEI BUILDING, designer hopes the building to present light and proper exterior wall scale, to present a distinctive outlook to public.

These two buildings are linked by a translucence model bridge, choosing exterior outside aluminum wall frame for decoration, it combines practicability and modern metal look.

  1. Example in Construction: facade/walls and ceilings/screen walls/column cover/roofs/AC cover or support.
  2. Metal: Aluminum
  3. Facade area: about 4000sqm
  4. Ceiling area: about 2000sqm




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Technical Support: Magic Lamp